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Landscaping and Patio Ideas

Man Laying Brick Patio

A Brick Patio will upgrade the quality of your home for numerous years to come.

Brick Patios are the customary bearer for class and classiness when building an outdoor patio, adding a rather formal touch to your backyard or patio. Using a Brick Patio on the locations adjacent your residence makes the home itself much more attractive. Another benefit that a brick patio holds over a concrete slab patio is durability.

Brick patios do not crack in the way that concrete has a propensity to do, and should anything be damaged, you need only to substitute a few select bricks or concrete pavers rather than replace the complete patio slab. (more…)

Planning and Installing Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Sprinkler

Designing and installing your irrigation system requires the following.

Once you have planned your landscape, but before you plant, it is time to design and put in an irrigation system. It should be based on the type and setting of your landscape plants. You can design and install the system yourself. This decision depends on your capability and the time you have to dedicate to the project. (more…)

Landscaping Design Principles

Flowers in Garden

Design outdoor landscaping, principles of landscape design including landscaping and backyard design ideas

The fundamental principles of landscape design are balance, sequence, contrast, repetition and proportion.

Following is the first principles of landscape design, you should use balance in three ways. (more…)